Meet the therapist


I’m incredibly passionate about my work as a Therapist and as a Certified Ron Davis Foundation Facilitator and Play & Art Therapist. With a strong educational background, I hold degrees in Psychology,  Mental Health, Social Work and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

My commitment to advocacy for children and neurodiverse individuals is reflected in my active membership in various professional organisations, including Autism Spectrum Australia, the Ron Davis Foundation, the Australian Association of Social Workers, and BACB. To ensure I’m fully prepared for my role, I maintain a Blue Card and hold a First Aid Certificate.

Over the past eight years, I’ve had the privilege of providing therapeutic and empathetic support and therapy sessions for individuals, utilising my well-honed mental health and behaviour analyst skills. This includes working with many children and individuals with special needs in schools and government settings. Building one-on-one connections with individuals, children, and families has been a truly enriching experience for me.

As a parent of four children, one of whom is Autistic, I have a deep personal understanding of the challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals and their families. This experience has fuelled my motivation to focus on supporting and empowering individuals and helping children navigate their emotions through play and develop emotional regulation skills.

I firmly believe in equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of how they see the world. This belief is the driving force behind Connective Therapies, where my mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of children, individuals, and families.