Therapy Sessions

NDIS payment options available for self & plan managed please email to organise an initial phone appointment to discuss goals and if the sessions are right for you. Please include contact name and number and preferred time for call.

One on One Mindfulness, Play & Art Therapy:

This program focuses on teaching self-regulation techniques, guiding children in managing their emotions through breathing, the Ron Davis dial, sighing, release exercises, and movement. We delve into specific emotions such as Happy, Sad, Angry, Frustrated, Brave, etc., using mindfulness practices and creative arts and crafts to help children express and understand their emotions. Through interactive play, children process emotions and learn to express them through toys, exploring various emotional scenarios and promoting positive ways to handle emotions. This not only aids children in understanding others but also supports them in implementing positive behaviors. Additionally, our program emphasises the development of social skills, exploring how emotions and behaviors influence friendships and offering valuable insights for establishing and maintaining healthy connections. Children learn effective strategies for managing emotions and behaviours, fostering positive social interactions, making new friends, maintaining friendships, and navigating differences and conflicts.

All Ages welcome

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Ron Davis Life Concepts:

The Davis Concepts for Life Program is designed for those seeking meaningful change in their lives. As clients progress through the program, they engage with, reflect on, and master essential life concepts. These concepts are modeled in plastilina clay and then explored in the world around them. This structured yet flexible process promotes self-responsibility and personal growth.

Suited for individuals 8+ years, open to self-development, this program explores and masters the mechanics that make up motivation and self-responsibility. It is particularly beneficial for those facing challenges with executive functioning skills, stress, anxiety, reduced focus, self-regulation, and behaviour management. Additionally, individuals struggling with forming and maintaining positive relationships can find value in this program.

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