About Connective Therapies

We’re here to help children and families, grow and build stronger bonds.


In play therapy, children utilise play and creative actives to explore and improve communication and self-expression. These sessions enable further exploration to address emotional, behavioural, and psychological changes or concerns. Play therapy supports children with emotional release, especially in times of change, development or loss

With Ron Davis Life concepts we tools sound and clay to help individuals with Autism to support focus and introduce everyday concepts. The clay helps the individual create the concepts such as self, social interactions, time, friends, while the sound activates and exercises the part of the brain related to focus to help them understand the concepts. Utilising these tools individuals grasp and understand everyday concepts and are able to apply those concepts in their everyday life. 

We offer a range of other therapy sessions: school holiday programs, after school programs, one on one sessions, group sessions, family therapy, couples therapy, motivational therapy, CBT therapy, and many more. 

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Our Principles

We believe in addressing the unique needs of each child and family, focusing on their physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being.

We utilize innovative techniques such as play, arts, craft, clay and sounds to engage children and individuals autism, promoting their development and self-expression.

We work closely with families, educators, and healthcare professionals to create a supportive network that maximises the potential of children with autism.